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Leah Gershon DesBois
Artist Director

I have always wanted to do hair, and when I started 30 years ago I just wanted to make people feel great about themselves. In 2007 myself and my husband welcomed the opportunity to do just that, along with giving stylists advantages I always wanted. We pride ourselves with having outstanding customer service and our goal is to have a happy team and happy guests. I have participated in countless classes and seminars with some of the biggest leaders in the industry. During this journey I found myself following the outstanding education of John Paul Mitchell Systems. I was extremely fortunate to have the ability to reopen the location once owned by Gulio Veglio, who now owns many Paul Mitchell Schools and Lunatic Fringe Salons as well as serving on the board of directors for John Paul Mitchell Systems. I was also provided the opportunity to start my business with two close members of his family, his sister Elvita and sister in law, Nikki. Their help was valuable beyond measure and we were so grateful for them! We now work closely with the Paul Mitchell School in Schenectady NY which is owned and operated by the Veglio's.


As of today, I am in this amazing salon, ZEN with my visionary team members. I look forward to what everyday may bring me and what challenges lie ahead. Whether it be a color correction, a cancer survivor growing their hair back to a new style, a woman who had to have her hair shaved due to brain surgery that I was able to give a full head of hair extensions to, or a guest that I see every 3 weeks. I genuinely enjoy the light they add to my day!


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Kendall Graves


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