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Our beautiful guest wanted her hair back
after a long recovery from brain surgery.
Miracles do happen!

Hair Extensions



We offer strand by strand keratin tipped hair extensions. Over 90 colors to choose from 100% human remy hair which respects the natural direction of the cuticle's growth, which lie in the same direction so hair does not tangle and is easy to manage. Working with the natural cuticle is vital to manegeable hair extensions. SoCap's service and products are among the finest in the world. Their state-of-the-art factory in Italy privately produces natural hair extensions. SoCap uses natural remy hair that is pre-bonded with Keratin tips to ensure a healthy strong and long lasting bond.

Donna Bella

Refresh your hair game with a method tailored to your hair needs. 


Made with 100% human remy hair, hairdressers trust Babe to deliver premium quality to every client that sits in their chair. Babe’s ethically-sourced 100% human remy hair is chosen by salons and stylists all over the country - not only for its radiant, smooth texture, but also for the creative opportunities it provides.

Please feel free to set up a complimentary consultation to see which method is perfect for you. Prices start at $250 and up.

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